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Followers 04:33
Descending from the sky, he's draped in sequins. You saw that glimmer in his eyes and you believed him. Your mystic, Your wishes were granted in one fell swoop. He spoke one word, your pain was gone. Is this another world that you inhabit? One that I have never noticed, or perhaps never imagined? I know the difficulty. Abandoning all hope would be too tragic especially since you've invested your entire life and passion provides cathartic release. Well, all of that incessant shouting amounts to nothing but a puffing of the chest, and the words you communicate are worthless aphorisms that demonstrate your self-inflicted intellectual neglect. Hey, I was once that vulnerable. I never caved in, I never caved in. I reached a point where I finally had to decide, between tradition and knowledge. (We're safe and sound inside this place. Don’t break, don't ever let them come in). And it's like an heirloom passed on to the most reckless hands, a custom that's never broken but irrelevant. These words are never spoken but now it must be said, after this generation, these rituals are dead.
The River 03:48
I'm always backed into a corner, I'm always feeling insecure. I always tend toward disorder, I always seem so self-assured. Now it's time, now it's time for me to go outside and face the world again. I'm always judging from a distance, I never like to get too close. These people are so involved with themselves, they're always at each other’s throats. Now it's time, now it's time for me to go outside and face the world again. Go against the grain, they'll follow suit. This city's full of empty souls, partaking in evening rituals. They drown their sorrows then go cold. Unconscious, repeat the process. Down into the river, into the ocean, into an open sea. Drown me in it, take me under, take me with you please. Am I a number, a mere statistic, a triviality? When did I ever agree to this? Well ignorance is bliss and oh! Is this really what life is all about? Chasing dreams until they all run out. All of this was illusory at best, looking out for nothing. This is where we part, this is the where the story ends, well I can't let it.
These severed connections make it obvious that I'm the culprit. I tried to find some common ground. Well, with diverging interests and our newly formed social networks, I guess I really let you down. Suddenly the prospects of wasting away in a cubicle, are looking dim to me... I don't want to fit the mold of every person in America, I'd have to disagree. Don't sweep it all under the rug, you'll need to face it someday soon. I know you haven't found yourself or your strengths, or your wants or your needs. You're like a leaf in the wind, you drift along at their whim, until a harsh breeze comes in and sends you somewhere else. Machine men with machine hearts. Garbage in, garbage out. Machine men with machine hearts. Garbage in, garbage out. Are we really all automatons? Only programmed for a purpose, to serve them, a disservice, when nothing is perfect.
Breakthrough 04:20
Did you stay the same? After all of those years, did you ever change? Did those feelings fade? From the back of your head to broken synaptic connections instead. I'm hoping for a breakthrough, I'm hoping you won't die alone. Exempt me from this awful privilege, to slowly just watch you go. In this modern age, we depend on the facts and statistics. Before we prayed to unknown saints somewhere in the distance, this awkward existence, these laments of resistance. Well, these cries for aid will remain as this town goes up in flames. So much for faith in the unknown, so much for faith in anything at all. I'm hoping for a breakthrough, I'm hoping you won't die alone. Exempt me from this awful privilege, to slowly just watch you go. I've accustomed myself to what it means to be vulnerable and confused, Well, I'm hoping when things change, I'll stay the same and find an adequate solution. I'm so full of disdain with everything, I really need to see improvement, well if this is the game that we all play, I'm hoping that I won't be losing.
Civilized 03:12
I'm losing so much sleep, am I really who I think I should be? Or am I just dissembling? I don't know if I'll keep myself in line, to feign consistency and good conscience. Civilized and proper, through these eyes nothing has changed. The Holy Grail, the alpha male. Our instincts are embraced by structures, institutions that all thrive on cutthroat communication, self-interested dialogue, tearing apart our culture by the seams. Civilized and proper, until you name your offer. Civilized and proper, conditioned by our fathers. With everything that's in our heads, we are reacting to this place (It takes time to get ourselves over it). It's imposing its boundaries on everything, including who we are. Deceiving myself, it always was a skill. It's been useful so far, believing in it was always the hard part. What of those aspirations and all of the phases that were tantamount to wishful thinking. They were nothing but status, entrenched as a habit. It dominates society. Remembering when I was at the dinner table, bringing up these new-found future goals. Interrupted I heard "You're civilized and proper, You'd really make a great doctor".
Comfort 05:05
The truth is frightening; it’s like the fog clearing before a steep turn above a mountain range, alerting me of where the cliff is, before I overcorrect and fall into the valley. This has been my life for the past few years, realizing that appearances are deceiving. Believing is the first step before the fall. That comfort was so appealing. Is this what I must go through to finally grow up? Blood before water, I do not mean to disrespect you, but the past year I have seen your sudden decline. I'd be remiss if I didn't try help you from sinking deeper into it. No one plans to go through hell by themselves, without making a deal with the devil. This is the last chance for you to heed my advice, for you to be the person that I always looked up to when I was younger. And I know that this has really been the most difficult year in your life. I empathize but your impulses are destroying you, with every day, controlling you. You are Human; you are worth so much more than this. A plane crash is all I need, nose down, a thousand feet. These fears of mine engulf me. You are not helping. A car crash is all I need, to finish off the week. I never get to sleep. You are not helping. All of these things I've said, all of these things I've meant, I'm wasting time. Lack of control, lack of regard, you need to come home. You need to overcome this fatal weakness, now that you've drifted away and yet so far. You used to be my role model, my only source of strength but now. All of these things I've said, all of these things I've meant, I'm wasting time...
The Last 04:20
(It's a cold, it's a dark, it's an unforgiving place. We can't escape as it takes us as we are, with no biases. It's a cold, it's a dark, it's an unforgiving place, we can't escape, we'll just embrace who we are as our saving grace.) I'm like the beggar on the street, replete with angst and misery, donning these tattered clothes that give me a sense of security. These -- these seas of people change, there is no progress, and our position, it is fixed, unchanging as buildings crumble, replaced by new ones, improve on old ones, the city isin constant flux and these -- all of these things change, We see no progress. We're bound by our faith and fear in the things that we cannot control. We are alone, coping with fate, delusions that guard us from feeling the cold, these tattered clothes. And every time I board a plane or I decide to drive my car, I am reminded of this place, these hand me downs. If only I could get rid of these rigid mechanisms that serve to blind me.
On Giants 02:11
If it's all that I wanted to be why do I feel like I'm crushing my dreams? It's natural to push ourselves from all the failures and the ghosts in which we still believe. The tug, the weight, the pull that brings me down, well, I'm not looking for an escape route or a quick surrender. Just bring me down so I don't remember and please WAIT, remember after all of this, I've still got these bones, reminders of what used to be my goals. Don't wait, don't wait for it to come. You'll be left alone. It's natural to push ourselves from all the failures and the ghosts in which we still believe. It's natural to prop ourselves up with the skeletons of our friends and enemies. Every favor, every bond that we have broken. We are failures when everyone is just a means to an end and nothing really matters anymore. It's natural to prop ourselves up, with the skeletons of our friends and enemies.
Distance 06:48
Take it with a grain of salt, but take it all inside. Take it with a very healthy form of skepticism; try, to leave pretenses out of it, so you can just confide. In everything that I have said, between the truth and lies. Resentment over how you should better spend all your time. This will not be easy but at least know I'll try. And I wanted some time for myself, just to clear my mind. Well this self-inflicted distance I'd wrought, Well it wasn't all that wise. It's cold when there are feelings unexpressed. It's cold when there are no ways to say it, and no outlet for these grievances. It seems that I have treated you unfairly. I know that going home, it's regression to you. But I know that you'll pull through, always you do. We’re not alone in this, our paths will coalesce and there will be no thought of this again, these insignificant events. It's a leap of faith, cross this chasm, where uncertainty is all that we can know. It's a leap of faith, It's another day, without the comfort of knowing that you’re home. These streets are veins that coordinate the city's pulse. The heart that beats inside of it is the same that beats inside of us. Observing from my window seat from 30,000 feet above the ground. It's lifeless without you now. I'm willing to disavow. Every single thing that I had said out of pride, and I regret, that every moment wasn't ideal or perfect. Our paths will coalesce and there will be no thought of this again, these insignificant events.
Collapse 04:36
Spare the rod and spoil the child (It seems like every generation), It's been years since I've complied (We’re on the verge of collapse). Time will tell us if we tried (Widespread disease and devastation), clear the room we'll stay inside (Who knows how long it will last?). Isn't it all familiar? We are powerless voices (You won't bear the brunt of it, you won't ever let me down). We are nothing outside of this context. Our foolish refrains. Nothing will change, everything stagnant. What if we were more adept? What if we were bold? What if these problems were not something so unbearable that we must take them on? What the hell are we doing here? If we don't know who we are? Delusion’s a mistress and in a mere instant, I succumb to her. Everything is easier this way. Everything comes in cycles, everything fades away. Losing all hope, carry me through. I can't face these fears alone, I must admit that I see doom. Losing all hope, carry me through. I don't know what you want me to do. I was out there, waiting for a miracle to happen, as these walls collapsed on top of me. It seems like every generation, well, it seems like this one might be the last.


Networks is the follow-up to Lipona’s critically acclaimed 2009 EP, Pigeonholed (available for free download), as well as the band’s debut long-player, Atlas (2008). While previous releases have been outward-looking and pseudo-philosophical, Networks finds the four piece treading more personal waters, such as coping with loss and the delicate balance of musical ambition with the transition into adulthood.


released July 31, 2012

Lipona is Sean Boote, Yamil Velez, Danny Renninger, Roy Morlock

Production, Mixing, and Mastering: Wailing Room Recordings


all rights reserved



Lipona Tallahassee

Lipona is a skate punk quartet that specializes in a fast tempo blend of melodic hardcore, ambient, and post-hardcore music.

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